Toy Soldier Review ~ Barzso Duke’s Stronghold

Well I finally got to opening and setting up a little display with the New Barzso building, The Duke’s Stronghold. Let me say, I was a little surprised on how big this tower is. Also I should have know, since it came in two boxes. And as always, this item was packed really well and arrived undamaged. Plus as a nice touch, a personal message on thanking me on the purchase. I never had a problem ordering from Barzso Playsets. Barzso Duke’s Stronghold

This stronghold as pictured above measures about 32 inches tall, 20 inches wide and 16 inches deep. You can purchase this set as pictured above or in parts, like the Stronghold tower, small tower or the base. 

One day, I will include this tower in mega display that I am going to create. But that will be many years from now, when I retire and move. Right now I am gathering pieces and sets to add. But between the painting and learning how to build other terrain pieces, It will take me time to finish. 

I am glad that Barzso made this set, it is a great stand alone piece or it can be incorporated into their Castle to expand that set.

This tower comes alive when you add some figures to it. Here are some of my Conte, Barzso, Replicants and other figures.


3 thoughts on “Toy Soldier Review ~ Barzso Duke’s Stronghold

  1. Great!, awesome!, absolutely lovely piece! It will be a great part of your Viking attack display. Marvelous!. Thank you for sharing. Best regards

  2. Thanks, this will be my last major purchase for the year. I will now focus on painting, customizing and crafting new things. I will now save up for East Coast Toy Soldier Show in New Jersey at the end of October. I have a few things that I have to catch up to now, and get them finished. Thanks Jose, I will talk to you soon.

  3. That’s a great looking tower, and would no doubt be a fantastic centrepiece in anyone’s collection. It looks like it’d scale perfectly well for 28mm/32mm as well. It just makes the doors and windows a bt larger and more majestic, which is never a problem! 😉

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