New Products ~ LOD Barzso Medieval Toy Soldiers

I just saw this today, Great news for Medieval Toy Soldier fans. LOD has acquired the rights of Barzso molds for the Robin Hood’s Merry Men and the Sheriff’s Men toy soldiers. These figures can be used as Saxons and Normans. The archers are some of my favorite poses for plastic medieval figures. You can get these sets now for $22.50, for a pack of 16 figures.  To read more follow the link LOD Robin Hood’s Merry Men and the Sheriff’s Men.




2 thoughts on “New Products ~ LOD Barzso Medieval Toy Soldiers

  1. Hi Mike, great news. They are good archers. I have seen the painted ones and I love them. I am sure that you got the unpainted to make your own army. Greetings, we hope to see your diorama soon. Jose

    • Right, it is good and bad. I wonder if Barzso is going to produce any new figures now? Is this the end for such a great company. I am glad that LOD is going to produce the Medieval figures, I will get some to grow my Norman & Saxon armies. Also I heard that LOD has the rights to the American Revolution figures too. I wonder if they are going to get the other molds that Barzso has. What ever happens, I think we are seeing the beginning of things to come from LOD. Maybe the torch is being passed? Hopefully they will be around for a long time and be producing great figures and sets.

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