Projects for the End of 2016

Hi everybody, I like to thank everybody for taken their time and reading my blog. I am working on a few projects right now and hope to finish most by the end of the year. Most of them a with painting figures, customizing some figures and some ships, plus making different items like houses or other simple items. Most of this will be for the Toy Soldiers, but I still have some plans with working with the Playmobil too. Every thing I do, has to do with some interest that I have with History. The main project that I am planing is a diorama of a Viking Raid on a Saxon village. I have a 2 ships that I am customizing or touching up, gathering up figures that I am painting now, then customizing figures, and lastly building up a base to put everything together. I going to be a long term project. I hopefully finish most of the painting of figures and the ships by the end of the year. Ok, Thanks for reading.


Vikings Saxons.jpg

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  1. Hi again Mike, great projects that I will love to see in the next future, I am glad to see so many works to enjoy. Thanks for sharing, my friend.

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