Toy Soldiers Review ~ Barzso Medieval Stone Cottages

Now that your waiting for the new Barzso Tower set to come out, I wanted to review some of their Medieval Stone Cottages from their Medieval Collection that came out over the past year. In one word, they are “Great”. They will fit with any Medieval scene that you want to do and could be used for other eras as well. I took a few pictures with some Barzso, Conte and Dulcop figures that are 54mm to 60mm in scale. I think the scales are the “Big” 54mm and more close to 60mm in scale. Anyway, they would look good with either scale. These cottages will help me with my latest project that I am working on. The larger cottage measures approximately 10 inches wide, 6 inches deep and 7 inches tall and goes for $39.99. The smaller cottage measures approximately 6 inches wide, 4 & 1/4 inches deep, and 5 inches tall and goes for $24.95. Ok, thanks for reading. They actually don’t look to bad with Playmobil too. I am going to touch up the doors and paint them brown.

Barzso Medieval Collection








2 thoughts on “Toy Soldiers Review ~ Barzso Medieval Stone Cottages

  1. Fantastic pieces. I believe that FOAM is a revolution in new toy soldier playsets. You can do your own Saxon village. Barszo + Conte = “The Valhalla Awaist” race is open! Viking raiders are searching for blood!
    I love the Playmobil Saxon warrior. Finally I must buy that helmet… Keep in touch.

  2. Thanks Jose, that is what I am going to try to do. I will keep searching for more houses to add and maybe build some or build something else. I was searching for ideas last night for watchtower and will keep looking and thinking of different ideas to make a Village come to life. Then plan on it’s destruction 😉

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