New Products ~ LOD Barzso American Revolutionary War Figures

LOD is now producing American Revolutionary figures using molds that where originally used by Barzso Playsets. There are 2 different sets, British Grenadiers and Colonial Minutemen. As mentioned in a early article, LOD has gained the rights to some of Barzso Playsets molds. So here is your chance to stock up on these sets, these are great for customizing too. You get 16 figures for $22.50. You can order with the following link and check out their other great products LOD Toys Soldiers






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  1. Hi Mike, great figures. I love the ARW and seven years war Barszo sets. Also the war of 1812 and Medieval. He was a pioneer with Conte. I hope that this will be the way to maintain the molds alive. Thank you for posting. Best regards

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