Toy Soldier Review ~ Engineer Basevich Early Slavs

Here is an update to this post as of 05/13/2017, I took a few pictures with the Barzso Duke’s Stronghold.

Early Slavs3

Hello again, a couple of weeks ago I got my Early Slav warriors made by Engineer Basevich. The detail in these figures is really nice and they go well with other brands that I collect. 


The box art is great and there are plenty of different poses. I am going to use these figures as Vikings or Saxons.

Almost half of the figures can be used as villagers, which are hard to come by for a medieval collector. Plus with this set you have a woman in full armor, ready to kick arse. 

Here are a few pictures of the Slavic warriors with a Conte Saxon and some Pvblivs Saxons figures. They are the right scale and mix well with both brands.

Here are some more pictures of mainly Conte Viking figures and the E B Slavs. The last picture is with a Barzso cottage.

All in all, I am very happy with the figures. I wish they were cheaper, as of now they are at collector prices. But if your a die hard collector like me, you need at least on set of these figures for your medieval collection. 

I will have another post up this weekend, I am going to start a new monthly blog post on things that I have collected or what I am working on. I am going to slow down on collecting for a while and focus on creating, painting and reorganizing my collections of Toy Soldiers and Playmobil(yes I have not forgotten those guys). I just started painting a bunch of Vikings, I am going to have a tutorial on that down the line too. Thanks for reading, take care for now. 

2 thoughts on “Toy Soldier Review ~ Engineer Basevich Early Slavs

  1. Hi Mike. They are beautiful figures. I think they fit perfectly with the Vikings. The civil ones can be used in many themes and characters. They are a perfect add on to your dioramas. I wish to see them hand painted. Thank you for sharing. Best regards.

    • Thanks Jose, I am glad that you like them. I might get another set later this year, most likely towards the end and then paint some of these figures. I just started painting again and have been feeling better too. I hope to start finishing some projects soon, and plan some new ones.

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