Toy Soldier Review ~ Publius Vikings Set #4

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The Publius Vikings Set #4 that I ordered from Russia about 3 weeks ago arrived yesterday. These are premium figures at a premium price. The figures are made out a hard rubbery material. The color is dark brown. The size is 60mm. I purchased them through eBay, NEW!!! “PUBLIUS” VIKING WARRIORS, 8 rubber plastic soldiers 1:32 60mm

publius vk set3 f1c

publius vk set3 f2a

publius vk set3 f3a

publius vk set3 f4a

publius vk set3 f5a

publius vk set3 f6a

publius vk set3 f7a

publius vk set3 f8a

Eight figures are included in this set. Most will be used as Vikings but I might use one or two as Saxons. We need more Saxons and Normans if anyone who owns a company is reading this, lol. Also included in this set for the first time was a female figure. All the figures are highly detailed. All the poses are of action. They are about the same size as the Conte Viking figures. Some are a little bigger like the male Archer. I will paint these figures like the other Publius figures that I own. Here are some more pictures below that compare them to Conte Vikings.

publius mixed1publius mixed2publius mixed3publius mixed4publius mixed5publius mixed6publius mixed7publius mixed8publius mixed9publius mixed10

There should be more new sets this year of Medieval figures. Take Care for now. Thank you for reading.

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2 thoughts on “Toy Soldier Review ~ Publius Vikings Set #4

  1. Another great post with great figures. Yes, we need more Normans and Saxons, LOL… I suppose that you are thinking in use the number 1 and 3 to become in some Saxon warlords. The sculpts are beautiful, I like a lot all the poses, even the archer woman. A great add on to your collection. Thank you for sharing it. Regards

    • Thank you for the comment Jose. I would like to see some Mounted Normans. We really do need some Saxon Fyrd sets. Or a set of comon dark age warrior in light armor or wool coating. A few helmets and maybe swapable arms with different weapons. Then have these sets cast in different colors to make the Saxons, Vikings, or used a Normans. Add one unique figure to each set and we have a good army builder.

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